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32156 Castle Court, Unit 101 
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I'm a great trainer and instructor.  There's no doubt about it!

But what can you do if you're not in Evergreen, Colorado?!

Technology has awarded me the opportunity to work with you remotely.  While, clearly, you don't get to experience my wit and charm face to face, you are able to reap the benefits of my motivation, insight, dedication and unique training stye virtually.

Is Online Training Right For You? 

Just because someone is a great coach doesn't mean they'd be great for you. Answer these questions before committing to an online program, and you'll be far more likely to make the right choice—even if that choice is to avoid online training altogether. 


  • Do the programs a trainer offers appeal to you and your specific goals? Why them and not someone else?

  • Does your trainer keep up to date on health and fitness? Do they maintain an active online presence? Education and qualifications are important, but so is accessibility.

  • Do they offer client before and after photos showing they helped online clients transform? This is especially important if you're training for physique-based goals.

  • What are people saying about the trainer and the program? Look for client reviews, or spend some time doing targeted web searches.

  • What can you afford, and what do you need to get fit? Take a frank look at your budget. Does this trainer offer something you can't get on your own?

The final and most important thing is to select someone who you're confident will care about your goals and your success. Online, as in life, the best coach is the one who will do everything in their power to help you be successful. We all prefer to work with compassionate people in real life, and training online should be no different.

An initial assessment is performed before beginning your training. This gives me an idea of your current fitness level, goals, motivators and pitfalls.

Remote Training - Accountability
Cost: $200/month

You are able to communicate with me on a regular two times per week or once weekly basis to evaluate your progress and answer any questions you might have.

I will send you tailored workouts based on your goals and other personal factors.


A nutritional outline is provided at the onset of training.
Clients report back to me via email, phone, or FaceTime. 

This is a cost effective way to utilize my skills and proven motivation to guide you towards your goals.

Remote Training - Customization
Cost:  $400/month

This is the truest sense of remote training.  You get all of my expertise and motivation in a  totally personalized online coaching set-up. This is a great option if you have a more generous budget and benefit from a lot of hand-holding.

This program includes assessments, a program made just for you, constant feedback, goal-setting, high-level accountability, numerous progressions, and regressions if necessary. I make myself regularly accessible via email, phone, text, or FaceTime.
The Players Club is where you truly get the Spark experience and the expertise of Master Trainer Laura G.