{Spark} Fitness - Student Training
Spark Fitness, LLC - Elite Personal and Small Group Training
Student Training - Personal or Small Group 
(2-3 people)

Students must be 12 - 18 years old

Email or text (303) 903-4980 for additional information.

This program is designed for middle and high school kids who are interested in  establishing healthy fitness habits and safely increase overall body strength and cardiovascular health.

I strongly believe that establishing healthy body image and fitness lifestyles at adolescence creates a life-long impact.  

*Please Note:  Session prices are to be paid by the individual doing personal training or split among the 2-3 students doing small group training*

One Session:  $150

Four Sessions (1/week):  $400

Eight Sessions (2/week):  $720

Twelve Sessions (3/week):  $960